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What Is The Natural Pain Relief For Back Pain

What Is The Natural Pain Relief For Back Pain
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Back pain is a symptom that arises in your spine. Many things cause back pain. Back pain can be very disturbing your daily activities. According to statistics back pain becomes one of the biggest causes of workers not coming to work (1). What is the natural relief for back pain? There are various ways to cure back pain.

Natural healing is better than using medical methods because it is less risky. Medical treatment methods have side effects that will harm the patient. Basically, back pain can heal in a few weeks by itself without further treatment (2). One way to prevent back pain is to keep your weight and diet healthy.

What is the Natural Pain Relief For Back Pain

If you want to be free from back pain and live healthier, you should do a healthy diet. You should eat foods that can reduce or prevent back pain.


Foods that contain calcium can strengthen your bones, strong bones can reduce the risk of back pain. Calcium is not only good for bones but also for nerves, cells, and muscles. There are many foods that contain calcium so you do not need to take supplements.

  • Dairy product – milk, cheese and yogurt
  • Green vegetables – broccoli, spinach and kale
  • Fish – salmon and sardines
  • Fruits – kiwi, papaya, lemon, and figs


What Is The Natural Pain Relief For Back Pain
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The human body consists mostly of water about 60% to 70%. Based on this the water plays an important role in the human body. Drink enough water to maintain fluid levels in the body, and help channel the necessary nutrients throughout your body. Water also helps maintain joint function, organ, nerves in the spine and other sensitive tissues. The water requirement for each person is different from each other.

According to Mayo clinic, adult males need 13 glasses or about 3 liters a day and women Adults need 9 glasses or about 2.2 liters a day. But the need for water has also affected some things like when you exercise, weather factors, health factors as well as pregnant and lactating women. So you can need more water than when you experience the condition.

Food You Should Avoid


According to WebMD excessive alcohol consumption can cause osteoporosis. Alcohol can cause a bad impact on calcium. Alcohol is the nemesis of calcium. Because alcohol interferes with the absorption of calcium and vitamin D. This can cause the absorption of calcium and vitamin D in the bone to decrease and make your bones weak, thus increasing your risk of back pain.


What is the Natural Pain Relief For Back Pain
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You should reduce foods containing excess sugar. For instance like soda (regular and diet soda). Soda contains excess sugar so that if you consume this drink too much will lead to obesity. Obesity makes you vulnerable to back pain because the spine must support excessive weight. So you should not consume soda if you want to be healthier.


Why smoke I put in the food that you should avoid. This is only for those who are accustomed to smoking, you should stop your smoking habits. Smoking can harm your health. According to Spine-health, there is a new study that says that there is a link between smoking and lower back pain as well Is also a cause of problems in degenerative lumbar spine.

Healthy living is not a necessity but an obligation to us. Keeping your body healthy is the best investment of our lives. So stay health. If you have other tips please comment below to improve the above list. Please share if you feel this article useful. Thanks for reading.

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    Great article, lots of good information here! I definitely need to be drinking more water.

    I got a compressed fracture on my L1 vertebra a few years ago and I suffer from back pain almost everyday. I will certainly try to keep up a healthier diet now, seeing that it can help reduce this incredibly hindering situation I am in.

    Any more suggestions for treating my back since I fractured it?

    Thanks for putting this together and I look forward to seeing your response.

    If you don’t mind I asked, you got compressed fracture because of accident or because of any other reason? Are you completely heal from your compressed fracture? I think first you should heal the compressed fracture if it causes the back pain. Usually, it takes a few months to heal from this situation. here some treatments according to Spine-health for compression fracture. Thanks for sharing and I hope the best for you.

    I loved your post! I am a tennis player and I have always suffered of back pain. I did not know that drinking more water could help me to relief the pain. and I did not know about avoiding alcohol and sugar! thank you so much for the information!

    Yes because of water very important for our body. Especially you’re a tennis player, so you need more than normal condition. Thanks for dropping by

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