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What Extreme Lower Back Pain Causes

What Extreme Lower Back Pain Causes

Back pain can happen to anyone. At least someone has suffered back pain (lower or upper back pain). This has become something that is common to most people. One of the most affected parts is the lower back. Lower back is a pain suffered by someone on the lower back. From buttock to toe. So what is the cause of extreme lower back pain?

The cause of pain suffered by people on the lower back can vary. There are many causes of pain in this section. Usually, the pain suffered comes and goes and will disappear by itself with time. This is called acute lower back pain. But if the pain you feel continues and tends to get worse from day to day and until a few months still feel the pain, this is called chronic lower back pain. Usually, the chronic lower back pain felt pain but not directly treated properly.

Therefore the pain you suffer tends to get worse. The repetition of the same activity every day tends to aggravate this condition, such as sedentary behavior, lack of exercise or being overweight.

What Extreme Lower Back Pain Causes

Muscle Sprain

One of the most common causes of lower back pain is muscle sprain or torn ligament. There are several things that can cause this to happen.

Over exercise  – exercise good for the body and even back pain. But when excessive can cause a bad thing to your body. Especially when you are on a normal day does not exercise and at the weekend you do heavy exercise. It would be better if you do regular exercise though just by doing stretching that can make your muscles become relaxed.

Too heavy lift – when your work is related to lifting something makes sure you lift the item properly and not too heavy. If you pick up too heavy items, your muscles become potentially stiff or when you pick up an item and make your spine twist it can cause injury. Tips for safe lifting. (1)

Poor posture – this may have become the habit of many people without knowing it can be bad for the lower back. Poor posture when sitting or lifting items can cause lower back pain. Long sitting habits can also aggravate this condition. According to survey human sitting an average of 13 hours per day (2), this certainly is not a good thing and can cause us in big trouble.

Overweight – overweight is certainly not a good thing for your health, especially your spine. Being overweight can cause greater pressure to your lower back. Because the lower back serves as a support for the upper back. When the upper part is too heavy then the impact for the lower back is not good causing the strain on the back.

Mattress – why mattress can be the cause of muscle sprain. A poor mattress can make it difficult for you to sleep soundly and muscle sprain. This is because your mattress does not support your body shape. The average person sleeps 8 hours a day, you can imagine how the impact if your mattress is bad. You experience anxiety during sleep and when you wake up your muscles become stiff.


Sciatica is a pain that is felt on the sciatic nerve. This nerve is the longest and largest nerves that exist in the human body that spread from the lower back to the back of the hip joint and branched up to the two thighs, calves, heels and feet. Sciatica is one of the causes of illness suffered on the lower back. If sciatica is already at a severe level the pain can be very painful.

See What Is Sciatica Symptoms and Treatment

Herniated Disk

A herniated disk is a disc or a soft ring that lies along the spine when it exits or protrudes and causes a depressed nerve. It is certainly very painful and can cause lower back pain. According to Mayo clinic, a common cause of this is the age factor, which makes a decrease in bone called disk degeneration. As you get older, your disk loses fluid and become inflexible also more prone to tear or rupture.


To treat lower back pain many ways you can do. This treatment can be different from one person to another. Before doing the treatment you should know the cause of the lower back pain, so you can find the right treatment for the pain you suffer.

For example if the cause of the lower back pain is because you are overweight then the best solution, is you are doing a healthy diet and exercise regularly. There are various ways of exercise that you can do to cure lower back pain.

Back Pain Relief 4 Life

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Sciatica SOS

As mentioned above that sciatica can be one of the causes of lower back pain. To cure sciatica can by using herbal ingredients method and some exercise and you can be free from sciatica and lower back pain. This is a natural way to cure sciatica. For those of you who want to try something natural as a method of healing Sciatica SOS certainly the right solution. For details information CLICK HERE.


Sports yoga is believed to cure back pain. According to a study in the journal Spine (Sept. 1, 2009), yoga therapy can reduce pain and improve function in people with chronic low back pain. (3) By doing yoga on a regular basis you can be free from the problem of lower back pain.

Quit Your Bad Habit

One to heal or reduce the risk of getting your lower back pain, you can stop your bad habits like smoking and drink alcohol excessively. Both of these habits can aggravate the condition of the bone so it can make you vulnerable to back pain and of course many other health problems. (4)

Of course, the above treatments are just some of the many treatments available for lower back pain. There is also a medical treatment that you can try as a healing for lower back pain.

If you feel this is useful please share with your friends and families. You can also add a suitable treatment for lower back pain that suits you. Please fill in the comment section below.

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    Great article. The comment you make about weight having a direct relationship to back pain is so true. I always notice my aches and pains (especially an old lower back injury) when I’m carrying a little too much extra weight. Your article is a timely reminder that living and eating healthy has many benefits over just being able to squeeze into your favorite pair of jeans! Thanks for sharing. cheers, Karen

    Nice that you find something valuable here. carrying something too heavy will cause back pain. Overweight will make lower back to extra support upper back and also this makes much pressure. Yes, healthy living and eating has many benefits and also for your bone. Thanks for the comment Karen

    Good article, great info for all kinds of back pain…. Do you recommend surgery for certain types of back pain? I have chronic lower back pain and have heard from so many people that they had surgery to help or knew someone who did. Thanks for your post about back pain, many persons suffer with this.


    I think surgery would be the last option to cure back pain. You should consult with your doctor about this, get as much information as you can about possible results, and consider whether you will be willing to do physical therapy after surgery. It is also a good idea to get a second opinion before you decide to have surgery. But I think most of the low back pain cases doesn’t require a surgery. Please come back for updates

    I love how you listed yoga as a remedy here. So many people think it’s just a fad but it’s so beneficial!

    Yes, Eric, yoga can be helpful for back pain. Nice, you find something useful here. Thanks

    I really appreciate all of the suggestions and information here! There is always a need for a resource like this, to come back to for reference. I see that you have a lot of guidelines that one can use from time to time, as life happens. The right pillows, for one, is REALLY important! I have searched high and low for just the right pillows and have learned to support many parts of my body, so as to relieve strain and stress during the night. After I began to do this, I slept much better. If the pillow is too thin, it is almost useless. Pillows get old and thin. I would not recommend a large body pillow, since you can’t tuck it just right. The pillows for pregnancy may work, but I would think tucking the upper part under your head may actually cause a bit of a problem. I use a different pillow for knee than for tummy, throwing my arm over the top of the standard sized pillow for my tummy, having placed a travel sized pillow between rib cage and upper arm, first. This is a great support, learned after breaking my wrist and having difficulties with tennis elbow. I was never able to fully heal the arm problem until I learned to support it during the night.

    Thanks, I will be back!


    Thank you for sharing your experience here Lynne. I really appreciate it. The right pillow is really important, I totally agree with you. The right pillow can ease your back pain, of course, it also depends on your sleeping position. Sleeping position is also playing an important role. Thanks for your lovely comment and I encourage you to come back for updates

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