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What Causes Of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common diseases. So what causes of lower back pain? Why is this often the case? Based on the article What’s The Cause Of Back Pain mentioned that back pain attacks both men and women. Based on research conducted in the United States in adults both men and women in the period 1997 – 2014 mention that women are more experienced low back pain than men. The results of this study published by Statistic Portal.

From the survey results can be concluded that women are more susceptible to low back pain than men. The same survey conducted by Statistic Portal in 2016-February 2017 about frequent back pain frequency occurs, found that women more often experience back pain every day than men. The results of the survey once again mentioned that women are more susceptible to back pain every day.

Before we discuss further why women are vulnerable to low back pain than men. Low back pain is a disorder experienced by muscles, nerves, and bones in the back. The low back pain suffered by the sufferer varies greatly, from constant pain occurs then progresses gradually evolves to sudden, sharp and persistent pain in the lower area of the waist.

As mentioned in the survey above, if you suffer from low back pain then you are not alone. Many adults are experiencing the same problem. Fortunately, low back pain often heals by itself. But if the low back pain does not heal there are several ways to overcome it.

What Causes Lower Back Pain

What Causes Of Lower Back Pain

Every day lower back support the upper body weight and make the body can move freely like bending and spinning. The muscles at the bottom are responsible for flexing and rotating the hip while it is moving, as well as supporting the spinal column. The nerves at the bottom also supply the sensation and strength to the muscles in the pelvis, legs, and foot.

It is often the cause of low back pain is a muscle strain. This is due to lifting too heavy or overload exercise. Sometimes back pain is associated with

the ruptures of discs. If this happens and pressing on the sciatic nerve, the pain from the buttocks to one of the legs. This is called Sciatica. More about Sciatica click here.

Our daily activities are sometimes less attention to the health of the body causes the occurrence of low back pain.


If your job includes lifting, pushing or anything related to spinal turning then your risk of low back pain is considerable. Working with sitting for a long time and using a laptop or computer also has this risk. Especially if the chair you wear can not support your spine and your lower body. Sometimes work keeps you bending for long. Tips for a good seat for you.


Bags (be it backpack or briefcase over your shoulder) can also be the cause of low bag pain. As mentioned earlier if the lower back supports upper back, this means that any burden borne by the upper back will have more impact on the lower back. Because the lower back should bear the additional load carried. So being overweight on the bag you carry can cause tension or pain in the lower back, let alone you carry it every day. You should pay attention to this.


You should pay attention to your posture while on the move. Do not stoop that can cause pain in your lower back. Make sure the seat where you work has lumbar support so that you avoid the problem of lower back pain. (More About This Read Ergonomic Chair and Back Pain).


Spending too much time in the gym or exercising can cause the lower muscles to become tense and painful. It becomes prone to happen if you rarely exercise. Especially on weekdays, you do not exercise and on the weekend you spend a lot of time to exercise. So it would be better for you to exercise regularly. Adjust to your daily schedule.

According to spine health causes chronic lower back pain

  • Herniated Disc. Our spine is coated with a disc-shaped gel. These disks are vulnerable to wear or tear due to age and injury. Weak discs can be swollen or broken so they can push the nerves in the spine. This is called a herniated disc. Conditions like these can cause pain on your back.
  • Spinal Stenosis is a condition of narrowing in the spinal cord and then this state suppresses the nerves in the spine.
  • Chronic back pain and stiff spondylitis caused due to severe swelling of the spinal joint.

There are many more factors that can cause low back pain. The concern is why women are vulnerable to low back pain? The answer to this can be read through Professor Gjerstad’s research in the medical news. He conducted research on 300 people. She found that more women than men suffer from chronic low back pain and sciatica. The explanation may lie with a gene variant that plays into the body’s pain regulation.

Johannes Gjerstad “Professor Johannes Gjerstad, Senior Researcher at the Norwegian National Institute of Occupational Health (STAMI).

Diagnose Lower Back Pain

What Causes Of Lower Back Pain

When diagnosing lower back pain the most important thing is to know the cause of this can happen. What causes it related to work such as, lifting, pushing or assembling your things or because you have a history of other chronic diseases. The habit is like sitting for a long time, sitting with a bow and not paying attention to good posture.

You should give a detailed information when you see yourself to the doctor. So doctors can find out the cause of the lower back pain you experience. By recognizing the cause of low back pain doctors can give something to ease it.

How To Relieve Low Back Pain

There are various ways to cure low back pain. Healing low back pain can be done at home, using drugs, alternative treatments or by performing surgery.

Healing Done At Home

  • Heat/Ice Therapy

The heat method can be used to facilitate blood flow and tense muscle relaxation. Ice can be used to heal in case of swelling. Be sure to coat your skin before using ice or heat on your skin

  • Over The Counter Pain Medication

Many medications are available for this. The most common over-the-counter pain is aspirin and ibuprofen. This drug also has to cure swelling so that can relieve low back pain due to muscle or nerves are swollen. Before using over the counter pain should consult your doctor because this drug has side effects

  • Exercise

Yoga can cure low back. There is research that says that can cure low back pain. The results of this study mentioned that yoga can heal back and neck pain. For more about research CLICK HERE.

  • Back Pain 4 Relief Life

This movement was created by Ian Hart. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. And he has been featured in Men’s Health, CBS and Fox News. This method is 100% free of medicines. The movement consists of 8 movements and can heal back pain (upper and low) in 16 minutes. What Is The Best Ergonomic Office Chair

Alternative Treatment

Spinal Adjustment

This healing method without the use of drugs. The chiropractor uses spinal adjustment method to cure back pain. This method returns your spine at its natural position. This practice uses the hand to press on the bone and the tissue around it.

Massage Therapy

Massage can cure lower back pain, depression, anxiety and make sleep more soundly. So massage is one alternative treatment for lower back pain. This treatment uses the hands or other tools. The therapist massage, stroke, and rubs on the troubled area to increase blood flow throughout the body.


This method is a last resort for low back pain healing. It is rare for low back pain cure that requires surgery. Before conduct a surgery you must consult with your doctor about the possibility of success, how long the healing process and how much it costs to perform the operation.

How to Prevent Low Back Pain

Better to prevent than to cure. I think this is the right aphorism for this. There are several things that must be done to prevent the occurrence of low back pain.

Exercise Regularly

By exercising regularly you can improve the health and back of your body. Everything you can do to improve your physical health and general health can have an impact on your spinal health.

Correct Your Posture

You should pay attention to your body posture when sitting or standing. Use an Ergonomic Chair in order to support your spine. Make sure also you take a break after 1-hour sitting. If possible, use a standing table for part of your work day. If necessary use a timer on your smartphone to remind you to rest after sitting for a while.

Healthy Weight

Make sure you are not overweight. Being overweight can increase the burden on your lower back. Set your diet into a healthy diet. If you smoke you should stop.

Sleeping Position

Notice your sleeping position. Try different sleep positions that are safe for your spine. Make sure the mattress you use can support your spine.

If your work is related to lifting or pushing something, it should do it safely for your spine.

If you have any comments or comments on the above article please fill in the comment field below. Your comments and responses can be useful inputs for me. If you feel this is useful please share it with your friends and family. Thank for reading.

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    Wish I found this website a few days ago. I have been having back pain for 2 days now. The pain comes and goes, I will have to try some of your suggestions. I try and exercise as often as possible. I will have to check out this Back Pain 4 Relief Life and see if that helps.

    Thanks for the information.

    Glad you find someting interesting about my post. Yes Back Pain 4 Relief Life is a proven method to heal back pain. Thanks for comments Ann

    Hi There thanks for this info on prevention for the lower back pain. I used to work in a profession where I need to sit on the same position in a chair for a long hours and this is where I come to find you and got a needed therapy. You post is wonderful on covering from top to end – I’m also looking for upper pain in the spine which I got from yesterday and struggling a lot to overcome, if you could kindly assist it would be much appreciated? Thanks – Mana

    Hi Mana, You can try Back Pain Relief 4 Life. It is a method to heal back pain (upper anda lower). You can try it. If you work need you to sit in a long time period, I think you need ergonomic chair for your problem solution. Your work can be cause of your upper pain. But next time I will write about upper pain. Thanks For comment. Please stay tune for an update

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