What Is Upper Back Pain Relief

What Is Upper Back Pain ReliefWhat is upper back pain relief? Can it treat at home? As mentioned in the previous post(1), upper back pain is a pain that is felt on the upper back or thoracic spine. There are various ways to relieve upper back pain. This treatment can also be done at home.

Also, need to know the cause of your the upper back pain so that it can cure the source or the cause of pain that you suffered. Here’s how you treat upper back pain.

Healing Upper Back Pain at Home

Replace or Take a Break From Your Daily Routine

Upper back pain can occur because of a repetitive motion when you do your activity or minor injuries during exercise or it could be due to excessive exercise. The first thing there is to know the cause of the pain you are suffering. For example, if the pain you feel is due to your work that requires you to sit for long periods of time, you should talk to your boss about an ergonomic environment which can reduce the risk of upper back pain.

  • Resting from your daily activities is important for your healing process. With rest, you can relax the tense muscles due to the work you do or because of the sport. But you need to remember to rest too long will also be bad for your upper back. The results of the study (2) mentioned that a break of more than a few days may aggravate your upper back.
  • You should practice how good posture while working or at home. You can use ergonomic chairs that have features that can reduce the risk of back pain. You can also try to change your sitting habit with sit to stand desk.

See Sitting Potential Risks – Too Much Sitting Health Problems

  • You can also check your sleeping position. Whether this is what causes your upper back pain. Find the position of sleep that suits you and the mattress and pillow contour on your spine is also very important to reduce and cure back pain.

Try Over the Counter Pain Medicine (NASD)

Using Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) cures pain or swelling from your upper back pain. Before using this you should read the rules of this drug use and side effects caused by this drug. You should take this medicine after meals and do not consume this drug over a predetermined dose. If it does not change you should consult your doctor.

Apply Ice or Heat

Heat can reduce aches and pains. As well as ice can heal pain and swelling. According to WebMD, you can try both of these by taking turns to find out which one is better for your upper back pain solution. When using this you should coat your skin in order not to cause frostbite or burn on your skin.


Regular exercise can make you healthy. Choosing the right sports can also cure upper back pain that you suffer. According to Spine-Health, upper back pain is associated with large muscles around the shoulder area, most rehabilitation programs will include many things about stretching and exercise to strengthen them. As in the Back Pain Relief 4 Life programs designed to relieve upper back pain naturally.

If you have any additional ways to deal with upper back pain or have problems about this topic feel free to fill the comment section.


    I think it is important to determine the cause of back pain. See a doctor and get the appropriate referrals to specialists if necessary. Pain could be the result of injury or something more serious. I have had two recent back pain issues. One was the result of an injury while working out. Both instances, I was referred to physical therapy where I learned how to do stretching and mobility exercises as well as receive therapy on injured muscles.

    A friend of mine had back pain as well. To make a long story short, he was finally diagnosed with myeloma cancer.

    I’m very sorry to hear about your friend. You right it is important to know the cause of back pain. So we can have the right solution.

    Sitting at my laptop now I started with a niggly pain at the top of my back that just got worse as I read this article drawing my attention to everything I was doing wrong!

    Thanks for the advice, I definitely will be looking into a new ergonomic chair.

    I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my lap top lately and am definitely noticing some back issues.
    I’ll be using some of these tips to help prevent any serious problems from developing.
    They say prevention is the best cure.

    Glad you find this useful. Thanks for the comment and please share your experience here.

    Henryan, I have suffered off and on with upper middle back pain, since being in an auto accident, age 23. I made contact, quite sharply, with the corner of a VW van sink that turned sideways when we slid on snow and tipped over on our side. If I lift too much, the ligaments try to move, out of place or something. I am really not sure what the correct term is. I have been to Chiropractors, who seem to be able to pop these back into place. One was a friend and came to our home and taught my husband how to do the treatment.

    I found out that going ballroom & some other styles of dancing strengthens those upper back muscles, also loosens them when they get stiff from tension. Tension, by the way, makes me more vulnerable to something in my back slipping out of place and pinching a nerve.

    When I am in pain from this problem, ice is nice! I do put a towel between the ice and my skin. Sometimes, in Winter, the heating pad feels better. Everything just depends. Soaking in Epsom salts for any sore muscles is a good start and adds Magnesium to my system, needed to reduce pain, along with Calcium and D3. When I am attended by a Chiropractor, the treatment stays effective if I go at least 3 times. Massage would be therapeutic, but I do not often get a chance to obtain one.


    It is nice that you sharing your experience here, I really appreciate it. I ever heard about Epsom salt can relax muscle strain. Calcium can be good for bone. Thanks for sharing your story. Hope you always in a good health.

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