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The Best Pillow For Back Pain

The Best Pillow For Back Pain
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The best pillow for back pain? Can pillows cause back pain? Pillows are an important thing to support you to sleep comfortably. A comfortable sleep is certainly very important for the health of your body and your spine. The function of the pillow is as support for the neck, head, and other body parts when we sleep or maybe when sitting and lying down.

The important thing here about the pillow is used support for the neck, head, and spine. Imagine if you choose the wrong pillow to use during sleep. Selection of the wrong pillow can cause back pain, neck pain, shoulder numb, stiffness and snoring.

Why do symptoms of the above disease occur? This is because the cervical spine is not in a natural position when you sleep. Everyone has a unique body shape, therefore, their needs are different from each other.

The choice of a good pillow can support the upper body, curves and your sleeping position. So a pillow when all of the above can be supported by a pillow then you can reduce the pain and strain on your body parts.

Pillow For Different Sleeping Position

Sleeping position can make sleep more comfortable, the selection of pillows based on sleeping position is the right thing. On the basis of comfort and body alignment, you can choose a pillow based on the best sleeping position. Adjust the pillow to your sleeping position

Sleeping On The Back – The position allows the head, neck, and spine in a neutral position. Make sure the pillow you use should support cervical spine alignment and enough support below the head, neck, and shoulders. You should also put extra pillows under your knee to reduce the tense on the lower back.

Sleeping On The Side – This pillow sleeping position should support the head and neck to keep it straight and in a neutral position. For this sleeping position, you should use a pillow that is thicker than the sleeping on the back. Place also a pillow between knees to keep the spine straight and neutral.

Sleeping On The Stomach – sleeping in this position is most at risk of straining the neck and back. For this position required the thinnest pillow or even no need pillows at all, head directly on the mattress.

The Best Pillow For Back Pain

Using the best pillow in terms of support and comfort can help you relieve back pain or neck pain and make sleep more soundly.

Orthopedic Pillow

A pillow contoured to fill the spaces underneath the head and neck may be useful for humans with cervical backbone problems. Also referred to as cervical pillows or orthopedic pillows, this form of the pillow has a deeper depression where the head lies and additional aid below the neck.

People who have problems with pain in the neck will be greatly helped by this pillow because this pillow keeps the neck with the spine alignment.

Body Pillow

A body pillow is an outsized pillow that provides your body with extremely good comfort, relief and a greater restful night’s sleep. This pillow provides support on the upper body such as the head and neck, while for the lower body support on knees and legs. This pillow is suitable for a side sleeper.

Types Of Pillows

Lots of pillow choices viewed from the materials. Here is the type of pillow base on the materials.


Many sleep experts say these are the best pillows for a great night sleep. One of the good thing about down pillows is that you can pass the stuffing around so that you have the maximum help wherever you need it. Plus, it is gentle, yet firm enough to give you the aid you want. ”


That is the firmest form of a pillow, and it resists mold and dirt mites. Latex pillows can also help with back and neck alignment, as they may be contoured for neck support.

Memory foam

Those are popular due to the fact they lessen pressure points via continuously molding and adjusting to the shape of your body as you pass all through the night. Memory foam pillows are available in diverse shapes, which includes a popular contoured S-shape, which is meant to aid the neck


Water pillow may be adjusted to the precise firmness setting which means internal water. If it’s too firm / too soft, change the water level through filling or draining it. Because the water pillow conforms to your form and position, you realize your neck, backbone, and tailbone are supported, it will bring to fewer body aches and head ache.

Buckwheat Hulls

Buckwheat husks are crunchy and hard-now not the first factor that involves thoughts as perfect pillow stuffing. However, makers of buckwheat-crammed pillows say the hulls resist dust mites and assists lessen aches and pains by means of conforming perfectly to your body contours.

There is no rules or standard regarding soft, medium and firm pillow. This makes it difficult to find the best pillow for you, even when in the store you can not try the pillow you want to buy. As a suggestion, you should check the store policy regarding returns. Try first the pillow you want to buy when not appropriate you should return.

Which pillow is best for you? Have experience about this or you want to add the best pillow list of your version. Feel free to write it down in the comment section.

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    Thank you for all this info, I always thought that it’s important to get a good mattress if you have a back pain, but I have never thought about getting a good pillow…

    Thanks for sharing!

    Good mattress and pillow play an important role to sleep a better night. So we must pay attention to these things. Hope you enjoy reading my post. Thanks for the comments

    Interesting. Am I strange? I’d never heard of a water pillow before. Makes sense, though. I used to have a water bed, many years ago.

    Back pain plagued me for several years, and I am much more careful now to make sure I work on my flexibility most days and keep active. I find that, with pillows and sleeping, I have to be careful so that I don’t end up with a stiff neck or shoulders. But these are great resources to keep in mind regardless.

    Keep it up!

    To keep active is the right thing to do for back pain. With the right exercise can relieve back pain. Pillow and mattress are important things for our better sleep. You must choose the right one that suits you or you end up with back pain and stiff neck in the morning. Thanks for stopping by Kevin.

    Because of my training routine now I have back pain and really would love to try a pillow before anything else. It seems like water pillow may be just for me. because I think everyone has different needs for back pain and I think that I should look for adjustable ones.
    It actually happened after I did some serious heavy bag training so do you have any suggestions for my situation?

    Exercise can relieve back pain. But if some training is done incorrectly or may be overload may cause back pain. If you feel something wrong with your back try a different training, stretching, or may be to stop and take some rest for a while. I hope the water pillow works best for you. Thanks for sharing your experience here.

    This is a really informative post ! I always pick a random pillow without thinking too much. But with this information, I will definitely research more and figure out if it can help a neck pain I have.

    Nice that you find this useful. Thanks for the comments

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