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The Back Pain In Children

The Back Pain In Children
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Back pain can occur in anyone both adults and children. Back pain in children does not often happen as in adults. The Back pain in children usually occurs because of the use of a backpack that is too heavy. Many children walk to school with a backpack and go back home also wear a backpack. A backpack into everyday items used by children when doing their activities.

Backpacks brought by children contain books and their daily necessities in school activities. Parents should be wary of too heavy backpacks that can cause back pain in children. By using a backpack can carry many books and other items as well as can distribute the weight of the shoulder muscles and a strong back. But if too heavy can pose a risk of stiff the back, neck, and shoulders.

Backpack and Potential Risks

Research published by the Journal Of Pediatric Orthopedics conducted a study into 1540 children aged 11-14 years, with a total of children over 97% wear backpack to school. The results found that 37% of children reported back pain.

The findings reported in WebMD can make the parents a headache. The study was conducted on 3500 children aged 11-15 years. This study found that 64% of children experience back pain. Two out of five children said they were a pain when wearing a backpack.

From the above research mentioned that heavy backpack can cause back pain in children. According to Spine-health heavy backpack usage can:

  • Twist natural curves in the middle and lower back, causing stiff muscles and irritation of the spine joint and rib cage
  • Lead to rounding of the shoulders
  • Make the child lean forward, so it can cause unbalanced and easy to fall

But there is research conducted by Eric J. Wall, MD, director of orthopedic sports medicine at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and a professor at the University of Cincinnati’s department of surgery. In his research, he found that only one of 346 students who experienced back pain associated with backpack usage.

As well as a study published in 2013 mentioned that the cause of back pain in children can not be associated with the use of back pain.

From the results of various studies above to get inconsistent results from one to another. The cause of back pain can not always be attributed to a backpack. But although the results of the study have produced the opposite, parents should remain vigilant about the risk of back pain caused by backpack use.

Backpack Tips

  • You should teach your child to use a backpack with 2 straps instead of just using one. The use of 2 straps can make the load carried equally.

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  • Adjust the strap to fit your child’s body
  • Put the congenital luggage first so that the closest to the child’s back
  • Recommend that the backpack used has padded back.
  • Do not lean forward when walking

How to Reduce Back Pain

  • When your child complains of pain while wearing a backpack, you should immediately reduce the load of luggage. Parents should always be active in asking about this condition to their children.
  • Limit the luggage to your child’s backpack. Use a backpack guideline based on your child’s percentage of weight. The American Physical Therapy Association suggests 15-20%; The American Chiropractic Association advises 5-10%.
  • Make sure the child only carries the required books and items. You can also optimize the use of a locker.

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    Great advice addressing an all too common problem. I didn’t realize just how serious something like a backpack could affect children’s’ spines. That would explain a lot, since I carried my backpack everywhere during my high school days just so I wouldn’t have to use my locker inbetween classes.

    Very practical article and it’s nice to see the simple solutions we can implement so that it doesn’t cause our children unnecessary trouble and pain.

    Glad you enjoy reading this post. Yes, we must tell the children to use a locker, bring the only book that children need. Thanks, Wesley.

    Hi there,
    Nice post. I didn’t know children could have back problems caused by using a improper backpack. Very interesting. Is this becoming a new problem? An interesting topic and read.

    This is not a new problem. Back pain in children does not occur as often as adults. As a parent, we should always pay attention about this. We have to make sure our children suffer back pain because of their backpack. Thanks for the comment.

    Hello Henryan – Amazing tips really now a days school kids are carrying many books and items related to schools and this obviously makes their backpack heavier than most people in other professions. The tips are wonderful in their way by seeing this I come t know we should not even miss a smaller details like the strap should be on both the shoulders are a good example. Nice tips and advice to give to my kids for their school back pack. Have a nice day and provide us with more useful tips like this 🙂

    Thanks, Manasir. Glad you find something interesting here. Please come back again for some updates

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