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Sitting Potential Risks – Too Much Sitting Health Problems

Too Much Sitting Health Problems

Maybe we’ve heard or read a lot that too much-sitting health problems. In our daily activities, we spend a lot of time sitting like working, watching television, and driving the car while traveling. We know that the possibility of us sitting in a day can be more than 8 hours with all the activities mentioned above. This sitting habit can lead to various diseases such as those mentioned by the Washington Post

  • Organ damage (heart disease, overproduction pancreas, and colon cancer)
  • Muscle degeneration
  • Leg disorder (poor circulation in legs and soft bones)
  • Trouble at the top (foggy brain, strain neck, achy shoulders, and back)
  • Bad Back (inflexible spine and disk damage)
  • Mortality of Sitting

Of the many diseases that can arise due to sedentary behavior, should make us aware that the sedentary behavior should be changed. There are several ways to be avoided from sitting potential risks.

Stand Up every 45 Minutes to 1 Hour

Standing periodically can be a solution to reduce sedentary behavior. When you have been sitting 45 minutes to 1 hour should you stand to smooth the flow of blood in your body. This can reduce your risk of getting lower back pain or stiff muscles. You can adjust this by setting an alarm on your smartphone or laptop to sound every 45 minutes. Use this time for a short break from your sitting activity.

Do Some Stretching

Too Much Sitting Health Problems
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Doing stretching can relax the body muscles after long sit, especially lower muscle. This should be done regularly after sitting for a long time. When you take a break from sitting, you stand and do some stretching movements. Sitting for too long can risk shortening your muscle, as well as muscles and soft tissue in your hip.

Operating the keyboard and mouse for a long time can also make your shoulders and wrists become stiff and painful. By doing stretching can relax your shoulders and wrists.

Not Just Stand But Walk

Standing alone is not enough but you can also walk. It aims to reduce your sitting time. By walking you can burn more calories. You can do this as often as possible each day. You do this perhaps by choosing a ladder rather than a lift, or when there is a commercial break you can stand and walk after long sit watching TV.

You can also set your workplace by putting a printer or trash bin some distance away so you can walk to get there. You can also use a tool to track your steps on a daily basis – by using a PEDOMETER.

Ergonomic Environment

Try to replace your chair with ergonomic chair, with this chair that has lumbar support and adjustable features to your liking. This chair can help you reduce the risk of lower back pain and support your spine. You can also try to sit to stand desk as work solution not always sitting. You can try to stand up while working for some time of the day. This will make you healthier.

The above habit, of course, you can do step by step, the most important thing is you start to live healthily. Even small changes impact big impact later if done continuously. Start this change right now.

If you have any ideas or other suggestions you can fill in the comment column below.

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    Great points about the ergonomic environment. It has become an essential aspect maximizing employee efficiency by reducing the discomfort of employees as a result of repetitive motion. We just went through an upgrade of our office furniture on my job and after only just a week, I am noticing a difference physically. Thanks for posting

    Glad you find something useful here. Thanks for the comments

    Dear Henryan, I like your content. It is relevant to the theme of discussion. You have also done well to link readers to other relevant sources. There are also relevant eye-catching pictures to keep the reader. Your information, however, is scientific and you would do well to add some links to research evidence other than just newspapers. You can also add pictures e.g . when you advocate for walking, you can add a picture of a man walking. Thanks a lot for contributing to positive health behavior change with such info.

    Some good ideas here; I believe you have chosen a great niche to work in. So many people suffer with these ‘modern ailments’, if you can offer hope and help, then you will probably have many grateful readers.

    Thanks John for that kind words. I hope I can help my readers. Thanks for the comment

    Hi Henryan,
    you are so right about the back problems while sitting too long or the wrong way. I like your approach of your website and think it is well developed. You choose a problem that affects million of people, and “walking” is always so important for your health.

    ( I’ve noticed on your “about me” site that you wrote “You come to the place right.” Could it be that you flipped the last two words? Just a thought.
    Great job overall.

    Glad you find useful information here. I wish I can help a lot of people. Thanks for noticing About Me page. Please come back again for some updates. Thanks, Ingrid.

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