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Severe Low Back Pain Treatment

Severe low back pain treatment can be done at home? Of course, this treatment can be done at home. With the appropriate method of low back pain can be cured. There are several treatments that can be done to overcome low back pain. you should know some things that can cause low back pain, so low back pain can be overcome properly.

See Cause Low Back Pain

Treatment for low back pain is certainly not certain. Some people with low back pain through trial and error process. The most important thing to find the right treatment for low back pain is to know the source of the cause as mentioned above.

While traditional medicine (medical) has side effects that are not good for the body. There are several ways that can be used for severe low back pain treatment

Endorphin Release

Endorphin is a hormone produced by the body used as a natural pain killer. Endorphins are also useful for relieving anxiety, stress, and depression, some of which are related to low back pain and of course this can also make the pain worse.

There are several things that can be done to release endorphins from the body

Back Pain Relief 4 Life Exercise

This method has been trusted to cure back pain (lower and upper back pain). this method uses a natural approach to cure back pain, the body is trained to heal itself with various movements or exercises that have been determined.

With the movements that exist in Back Pain Relief 4 Life not only heal the back pain but also make the muscle stronger, better posture and more flexible. With this method, the body can release healing biochemical (endorphins), nutrients and oxygen to the spine and back.

This method was created by Ian Hart an expert in the field of Strength and Conditioning who has experienced for years. the created method is designed to be easy to follow and does not require other expensive equipment to apply. For more information CLICK HERE.

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise with swimming, cycling or walking can make you feel healthier and happier, and this exercise can make you live longer (1). With this exercise can also release endorphins in the body that serves as a natural pain killer that can reduce the pain suffered by the body. Increased endorphins production in the body can occur after you exercise 30-40 minutes after exercise (2).

By doing aerobics will reduce the occurrence of back pain and when experiencing back pain is lighter than those who do not do aerobics. This is because the biochemical (endorphins) produced by the body, this exercise is also good to prevent low back pain occurs again.

Other benefits of aerobics are summarized from various sources

  • Mental Benefits. “Aerobic workout has been proven to intensify your self-belief, emotional balance, memory, and mental function,” Tripp’s notes. Research display that approximately 19 million American people undergo depression each year. It is common that aerobic exercise improves the symptoms of depression. (3)
  • Regular aerobic exercise has big cardiovascular advantages, which include a decrease in blood pressure and blood strain. Aerobic workout also can be an essential addition to a weight loss purpose. (4)
  • Stay active and independent as you age. Aerobic workout maintains your muscles Stable, which allows you to keep mobility as you become older. Aerobic exercise also maintains your thoughts sharp. research have discovered that normal physical activity may help guard memory, reasoning, judgment and thinking abilities (cognitive feature) in older adults, and might enhance cognitive feature in teens. Some research recommends that it is able to help prevent the onset of dementia. (5)

Aerobic has many benefits for the body, but as says there are things to watch out for.

The aerobic routine with plenty of emphases can lead sprains and injuries. So never relieve the ache and immediately consult your health practitioner. When you have any medical problem you need to seek advice from a health practitioner and then begin the routine. If a problem as well as dizziness, vomiting, lower back pain or any other originates consult your health practitioner and then continue the aerobic activity.

Get Enough Sleep

When a person experiences pain, it can refer to insomnia. According to Spine-health 50-80% of people who experience chronic pain difficult to sleep. Lower back pain is one of the most common causes of pain. Therefore when a person experiences low back pain often difficulty sleeping because of the pain suffered. Insomnia will certainly be bad for the body because when the body can not rest enough then it can make this condition worse.

Core Exercise

Abdominal and back muscles are essential to support the lower spine. That way, these muscles need to be trained to be stronger and can minimize the risk of developing lower back pain. many things can be done to train this section.

Like the above exercise (Back Pain Relief 4 Life) is also equipped with movements that can strengthen muscle muscles and make muscles more flexible. With regular practice, this can be achieved. Of course, other methods can also be done like the following movements. (6)

Heat and Cold Therapy

Perhaps this sounds simple but this therapy has considerable benefits to reduce low back pain.

Advantages of Heat Therapy

  • Heat therapy can widen the blood vessels so as to facilitate the flow of blood around the lumbar spine. By facilitating the flow of blood can also increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and can help the healing process on damaged tissue
  • With this therapy can relax the fine tissues around the spine including muscles, connective tissue. This means that heat therapy can curly tension in the injured muscles and increase flexibility and can make you more comfortable.

As with heat therapy, cold therapy is also beneficial for healing low back pain.

Advantages of Cold Therapy

  • Cold therapy can reduce swelling, this is usually one factor causing the occurrence of pain.
  • It acts as a local anesthetic by means of slowing down nerve impulses, which maintains the nerves from spasming and bringing ache.

With these two therapies, you can try which one is best for healing low back pain.

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    I suffer from chronic back pain. I had a severe injury about 2 years ago. I have exercises I do every single day to strengthen my core. I have been through the hot and cold therapy you referenced. I had to ice my low back for about 4 weeks straight, 4-6 times per day to reduce the swelling. Now I am in maintenance mode, where I exercise regularly, but try to do only what is within my limits. One thing a back injury has taught me is what my limits are. Anyway, I agree with everything you wrote in this post. Aerobic and core exercises are super important, I am living proof of that.

    Great experience Steve and I’m very happy that you share it here. Yes, it is true that we have to know our limits. Thanks for the comments. Please come back some other time for an update.

    Hi Henryan,
    Thanks for sharing these techniques to relieve lower back pain. I wanted to ask you about the heat and cold therapies. What do you suggest to use for both the heat application and the cold application? I have a heating pad, is that sufficient? Thank you and keep sharing with us.

    When you want to try which one gives the best result cold or heat therapy. Heat therapy works best for facilitating the flow of blood and the cold therapy work to reduce swelling. So you have to what is your symptoms? This 2 therapy work in an opposite way. So you must know where the pain comes from (because of stiff or swelling?. Thanks for stopping by and hope this help you.

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