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Reduce Back Pain While Using Laptop

Working with a laptop is a common thing at this moment. Laptops are a technological advancement for humans. Working with laptops makes people easier because simple, easy to carry, does not need a place that is too broad. Even laptops can be on your lap. Therefore many people choose to use a laptop to work.

Unfortunately, the use of laptops ruled out ergonomic factors. The use of laptops neglects about health such as posture, screen size, keyboard distance, mouse, and sitting position. Many people use laptops as desktops.

The use of laptops for long periods of time can cause stiff on your back and neck, also strain in your body. But that does not mean we can not use the laptop ergonomic. Here are some ways to reduce back pain when using a laptop

  • Laptop Screen Should Be At Eye Level

When using a laptop usually the position of the neck is bend. Long-term use can cause pain in your neck. You should set the screen to eye level. This can be overcome by using a laptop stand. By using this tool you can adjust the height of the screen in accordance with what you want. We recommend that the distance between the eyes with the laptop screen as far as your arm.

  • Use A Separate Keyboard

The keyboard on the laptop is not convenient for your wrist and arm. If make use it too long will cause stiff on the wrist and arm. To avoid this you should use a separate keyboard to set the distance is not too narrow, for your wrist and arms to relax.

  • Use the mouse separately

Mouse on the laptop is not comfortable to use for a long time. Your wrist will feel pain when wearing this for long periods of time. We recommend that you use the mouse separately in order to set the distance that suits your needs. Make sure your wrists stay straight while using the mouse.

  • Use A Bigger Screen

Reading text or typing on a small screen can cause stiffness to your body. If possible it is better to use a bigger screen. This can reduce the strain on your body. If it is not possible to use a larger screen you should increase the size of the text or font.

While use laptop doesn’t forget about your health. Pay attention to your position and posture, make sure it does not cause pain to your body. If you feel this article is useful please share it with your friends and family. If you want to ask something about this article do not hesitate to ask me. Thank you and stay healthy.



    This problem is so relatable. When I am at work I end up using my laptop for 7 hours straight and even after work when I come back home I’m usually working late on my laptop.
    I would definitely keep in mind these points and hopefully, it would help in reducing my back pain. Thanks.

    Hi there as a blogger that uses a laptop all the time I found this post very useful, back pain is a big problem
    I have found your tips very useful and I am definitely going to get a separate keyboard and mouse
    One question can you suggest me some comfortable positions in which I can work with my laptop, is it ok to work on a laptop on the bed for example?
    Thanks in advance!

    I think it’s okay to work with laptop on bed, but I suggest you use laptop stand instead on your lap. You can lean on a pillow. Make sure your back position is straight.

    These are great tips for myself, as I use my laptop all the time. Thanks so much!

    These are great tips. I do get neck & back pain often due to my bad posture when working on my laptop. I will try these tips and hopefully my pain will get better. Thanks!

    Thank for comment. I hope you find something valuable on my post.

    Working online has caused me to develop annoying shoulder pain on my left side in recent years. I noticed that if I sit more than 15 minutes, I would start to hunch and the back of my neck will become tense.

    In order to endure the ordeal, I place a small pillow on the chair to support my lumbar and make sure I rotate my neck every once in a while.

    Most importantly, I would time myself. 45 minutes is the most I would sit in front of the PC. Anything more than that, I’ll only induce pain to my body. I’ll take a 10 to 15 minutes break before resuming my work.

    The last technique seems to work very well for me.

    Average people sit 8 to 13 hours per day, this will cause a lot of trouble for your health. You are right, we have to periodically take a break from sitting. may be you should consider about an ergonomic chair. Here about ergonomic chair. Thanks for stopping by.

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