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Office Chair And Back Pain

office chair and back pain

Office chair and back pain? Both of these are related to each other. An office chair can be a trigger for back pain. People have an average sitting for one day between 8 to 13 hours. This certainly has a negative impact on health.

According to Spine-health (1)

Fully 70% of the poll respondents said that 52% or somewhat worse (18%) at the end of their work day as compared to the start of their day. The poll of 1,137 people with desk jobs shows that 15% feel better after work.

This proves that many people, whose sitting for long periods of time can cause various health problems, especially back pain (low back pain). With the survey above 52% of respondents having problems on their back and 18% tend to get worse.

Office chairs continue to be contributing to the cause of back pain as well as this gets worse with the pattern of people who work by sitting for long periods of time. Why sit for a long time can cause back pain?

Sitting is a static posture that neck, arms and legs, and may increase a serious amount of stress to the back muscles and spinal discs. Furthermore, sitting in a slouched-over or slouched-down position in a workplace chair can overstretch the spinal ligaments and pressure the spinal discs.

Awareness to prevent the occurrence of various health problems arising from the sedentary becomes very important. By raising awareness of this can prevent the occurrence of various health problems.

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Nowadays a lot of things about the ergonomic workplace, with this is expected to reduce even prevent the occurrence of back pain. Changing your traditional chair with an ergonomic chair may reduce back pain. Choosing the right chair is very important for everyone’s needs because everyone has a body different from each other.

Choosing an ergonomic chair is not about the price but should have some features that can be tailored to your needs.

Adjustable Height

In choosing ergonomic chair should have adjustable height feature. Every human body is unique and unlike each other. With this feature then the height can be tailored to your needs. Rather of selecting an ergonomic chair, pick out a chair that may be adjusted in phrases of each altitude and depth. This is to fit your desires. According to Spine-health (2), the height similar to health is nineteen-21 inches from the ground. For a depth that corresponds to health is 17-20 inches wide. Your feet need to be relaxed at the floor or footrest. The position of your knee is ninety degrees.

Support Backbone

I suggest that the chair you select can assist your spine (upper or middle). On your everyday work can take a seat for lengthy durations of time, so a chair that may assist the position of the backbone is a very crucial aspect.

Lumbar Assists

Due to the fact that you’ll be sitting for a long term, it’s nice to have your chair with lumbar aid. So it can maintain your spine from bending or changing its native position. If this happens it leads to ache and stiffness on your backbone.

Arms Rest

Arms rest should be fulfilled to your needs. To support your shoulders and your arms more relaxed when operating it for a long term.


Make certain your chair is manufactured from substances which have a proper grade. Due to the fact you incur extra fees to buy this chair. I advise this chair can make you sit it within a certain time. So choose the fabric that fits you.

Head Rest

It’d be better if the seat you pick has a head rest that suits with your body.

Check The Information

Ensure every seat detail that can help all your activities every day. One of these wheelchairs needs to be able to flow without problems and freely. Selecting materials which are easier to clean and breathable. I additionally suggest that your chair base has 5 spokes.

By replacing the traditional chair with ergonomic chair can have a big effect on your back health. Of course, this is not only by replacing the seat will be free from back pain. The habit of sitting for a long time must be changed. Many things can be done to change the sedentary lifestyle. As said by Dr. Axe (3)

Set an Alarm

Use your cell phone nicely. Set an alarm to remind you to stand up and move away, preferably about 5 to 8 times during your workday. In case it’s certainly getting up and stretching, use to your feet for 10 minutes, taking a walk across the workplace, or going for a fast walk outside, it’ll do your body well.

Have Walking Meetings

Maintain your mind engaged and your legs moving by using scheduling walking meetings with your group. If the weather and/or your co-employees aren’t cooperating, attempt heading outside solo the following time you need to brainstorm or be innovative. Being up on your feet and no longer slumped in a chair can spark your creativity as your body sends blood to the brain. Plus, you can walk to slim down at the equal time!

Walk and Talk Rather than Sending Emails

How many times emails do you send to co-employees a day? Reduce this, on the digital litter, and walk over for your colleagues’ desks to hammer out information as an alternative. It’ll cut down on all of the lower back-and-forth messages while maintaining your body lives.

Want greater concept? Try these:

  • Gossip at the telephone whilst walking across the house rather than sitting on the sofa.
  • pick out up your lunch in place of ordering delivery.
  • Do calisthenics rather than lounging while watching tv.
  • stand up and dance the following time your preferred song is on the radio.

You might just take a seat to your bum several hours a day, but there’s no reason you couldn’t take a stand and change your sedentary lifestyle.

Office Chair And Back Pain

Choosing the right office chair is important to make it healthier (especially your spine). By making your work environment ergonomic, your risk of back pain will decrease. The use of the right chair will not feel the maximum effect without regularly standing, walking or doing stretching regularly. It means that a sedentary lifestyle needs to be changed.

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    I suffer from chronic back pain. I have had to make some adjustments at the office. You are spot on, the right chair can make a big difference. With proper lumbar support, and headrest, height adjustments, you can be a lot more comfortable. I also have a sit/stand desk which has been a huge help to me. You also mentioned getting up and walking. I do this several times per day as well. You have a lot of great insight in this post, thank you for sharing. I also checked out your link for ergonomic office chair recommendations, great selection.

    Thanks Steve for sharing your story here. Nice that you find something useful here. Please come again some other time for an update.

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