Natural Ways To Relieve Sciatica Pain

Natural Ways To Relieve Sciatica PainSciatica is a pain that occurs in sciatic nerve. The cause of sciatica can vary. There are various methods of treatment to cure sciatica. Including natural ways to relieve sciatica. By using natural ways the risks covered will be lower than using drugs. By using natural medicine, sciatica sufferers can also do it at home.

Sciatica is a pain felt on the lower back to the legs. Healing through conventional methods such as by using drugs to surgery, it is thought only cure symptoms alone is not the cause of sciatica itself. Therefore many people turn to natural healing. Because sciatica is not actually a disease but a symptom of underlying problems.

A study conducted by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) said that in the period 2002-2007 people who use Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) increased. As well as health conditions that use CAM is a musculoskeletal problem such as back, neck joint and so forth. There are various ways to cure Sciatica. What I will discuss here is natural healing instead of conventional (medical) healing.


Chiropractor Spinal Adjustments

A chiropractor is proven to cure sciatica. By using spinal adjustment method. Spinal adjustment helps relieve swelling, muscle spasm, pain and other problems related to sciatica. There are studies conducted on 102 people suffering from sciatica, found that a group of people who do Chiropractic painless than those who do not do Chiropractic(1).

Massage Therapy

Massage is a non-surgical method used to cure sciatica. Massage release natural pain killer – endorphin. Massage can ease tense muscles, smooth blood flow in the body and relieve pain. With massage can make you sleep more soundly (2).


Rofling with massage is a non-surgical method. Rofling is a method invented and developed in 1950 by Ida Pauline Rofl, a biochemist who injures himself and seeks to create a system whereby it can relieve chronic pain in patients. People do Rolfing as a way to reduce chronic pain and stress as well as to improve performance in their professional activities and daily activities (3).

Change Your Chair

Natural Ways To Relieve Sciatica PainIf your work requires sitting for long periods of time, you should invest in an ergonomic chair. Sitting too long can cause stress to the body and block blood flow in your body. Ordinary seats can not support the appropriate posture of the body. Ordinary seats also tend to make you bend. Because everyone needs different seats according to their needs. Therefore you should use a chair that can reduce your pain and make you more comfortable in carrying out your daily activities. An ergonomic chair is the best way to do it.

Use Firm Mattress

Make sure you have a mattress that can support your spine. Just as the ergonomic chair mattress selection right can help you reduce pain on the lower back. According to WebMD, researchers in Spain say that people who sleep on a medium firm mattress say they have twice improved on lower back pain compared to sleeping on a firm mattress. They concluded that after replacing the bed, 313 patients with a history of back pain with a new “firm” or “medium firm” mattress. Patients do not know the type of mattress they receive.


Sport can be the best healing for Sciatica. Exercise can reduce pain caused by sciatica and prevent the pain from reappearing. Active exercise is also important for the health of spinal discs. Movement helps exchange nutrients and fluids in the disc to stay healthy and prevent pressure on the sciatic nerve (4).

Sciatica SOS

This method was made by Glen Johnson. He was a Sciatica sufferer for many years. He uses an herbal remedy to heal Sciatica and prevent sciatica from happening again. This method is 100% free of medicines. Heal your Sciatica in a WEEK. For more information CLICK HERE.

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    Hello! Back pain.. what can I say? It is absolutely brutal. I used to play soccer and get the worst pain in my lower back and the only thing that would help was acupuncture and a massage. I will try to change my seating arrangements as well as my mattress next time I endure this pain. Thanks for sharing.

    Nice that you find something interesting. Thanks for dropping by

    “By using natural ways the risks covered will be lower than using drugs. By using natural medicine, sciatica sufferers can also do it at home.” This is why I love the natural ways of dealing with problems 🙂

    I love the list of the natural ways you to alleviate sciatica pain. I’ll bookmark this post.


    That the benefit using natural medicine. Glad you find something interesting on my post. Thanks

    I don’t know how many times I have had to get up and walk around after sitting too long in my computer chair, the ergonomic chair looks like it really could improve my backache and this is something I have been wanting for a long time.
    Thanks for introducing me to this

    Yes, an ergonomic chair can make you relieve back pain. This seat has some feature that will make your spine in a natural position. So it is time to change your traditional chair with this chair. Thanks Matthew

    Excellent suggestions! My mom has had chronic back pain ever since I can remember. She’s also had surgery to try and correct the problem.
    Your remedies are welcomed in that none of them involve surgical intervention or the use of chemical pain killers. Thank you!

    Nice, you find something valuable here. It is better to have something natural to heal your pain. I hope the best for your mom. Thanks Renae

    I had sciatica pain I think happened because of my heavy bag routine. It does not hurt much and I think I will give massage therapy a shot.

    Massage can relieve sciatica. Make sure you consult with the doctor first before doing this. Look for the reliable massage therapy. Thanks Furkan

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