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How To Treat Back Pain At Home

Treating back pain can be done at home. There are several things that can be done as a first aid to overcome back pain. How to treat back pain at home? What should you do?

  • Heat and cold can relieve pain. Some people feel that warm can relieve pain, such as soaking
    in warm water or putting a bottle of hot water in a sore area. For cold, you can use ice cubes or frozen bags of vegetables, put in the place where you feel pain. But do not directly put ice on your skin to avoid cold burn, you should cover with a thin towel or something. Do this repeatedly 3-4 times a day.


  • Try to sleep. When experiencing back pain will be difficult to sleep. But if you don’t have enough sleep back pain will get worse. Bad sleeping position can lead to back pain. When sleeping makes sure your spine is in a neutral position. Lying on your side. Place a pillow between your knees. Make sure that your mattress can support the position of the spine.


  • The purpose of Stretching is to relax tense muscles. Depending on where it causes back pain, certain stretching can reduce back pain. Firstly stretching should be slow, light way and start fast when you get used to it. We recommend that you stop stretching if it can cause pain in your back. Because this can aggravate back pain.



  • Swimming can reduce back pain. Because water can support the body, relieve stress on the joints in all parts of the body. Even in severe back pain pool therapy and light swimming is the recommended therapy.




  • The more weight you have the more weight you carry. This can cause back pain. You should do a healthy diet combined with regular exercise. To find the ideal weight you should use the calculation of BMI (Body Mass Index).




  • Based on a review of studies conducted by scientists published in 2013 in “Clinical Journal Pain” found that there is strong evidence that yoga can help reduce chronic low back pain. Yoga can reduce back pain by loosening tense muscles, strengthening back muscles and improving posture. Yoga also exercises breathing and relaxation that can help your muscles relax.


  • Try rubs and Ointments. Many pain rub and ointments on the market. The effectiveness of this treatment can vary from one to the other. So choose the best one for you and fit your needs.




  • Don’t Rush Take It Slow. Back pain that often occurs in your body can be caused by your actions that are too dense and you push your body too hard. Make sure you rest when your physical activity causes back pain. So know your limit is the best answer. When you need some rest just take some rest.



Stay healthy and thank you for reading…



    Hi Henryan,

    Thanks for the great information. I suffer back pain, it’s mild but I know why. I sometimes spend too much time sitting at my computer without having enough breaks. I try to take a break every hour, but I’m not consistent. I’ve often thought about taking up yoga for relaxation, but I see it’s also good for back pain, so I think it’s time I gave that a go. Thanks for the tips 🙂

    Yes I think study prove that yoga can reduce back pain. You should try regularly. Try to take a break after sit an hour in your because it can relax your muscle..

    As an office worker, I tend to get back pain easily due to the long hours spent sitting and typing. I usually try to do some stretching (when I remember) and ointments at home. I will try to use your other remedies recommended here and hope for better results. Thanks for the tips!

    Yes you should regularly try to take a break after spent sitting in your workplace. it will relaxes your tense muscles. You must pay attention in your workplace layout because it very important. make sure you organise it for your best health. Hope you the best.

    This is a post concerning a very important topic. A lot of people suffer from back pain. But the cause may vary and not all methods will be helpful especially if you are not sure about the root cause of the pain.
    Back pain can lead to long term health and mobility problems so it is always best to take precaution against them.
    You bring up good points but it would be better if you elaborated on them. Good work though. Keep at it.

    Yes in other content that I wrote there are many this that can cause back pain. You absolutely right about we must know the root cause of back pain. If we know the root cause so we can know the best solution. Always consult with your GP if you feel the pain getting worse. Thank you for your suggest..

    Lots of good information. So many of us suffer from back pains. You’ve given us several interventions to try.

    Thank you kristina for reading. I hope will give you some valuable information..

    Thank you for this post. I suffered back pain for a while but yoga has healed my back pain. I also place cold pack on sore joints and I find it works wonders. Thanks again.

    Thank for reading Bea. I’m glad you find something valuable on my site.

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