How To Sit With Sciatica


How To Sit With Sciatica
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Sciatica can be a very disturbing problem for your daily activities. Especially if you have to work all day by sitting to run your work. So how to sit with sciatica? Pain that is felt when sitting can make you uncomfortable in work, this also can make you unable to concentrate on work.

The pain that is felt in the buttock, low back to the legs can make your sitting feel very sick. And sitting is an activity that is often done in your daily activities, such as sitting in your office, driving from home to work, and eat with your family.

To reduce the pain you experience due to sciatica you should use ergonomic principles for your daily activities such as using sit to stand desk or chair that can be adjusted with your posture. By doing this you can reduce the pain you suffer at work.

How To Sit With Sciatica

Sitting too long is not good for your spine, therefore you should take a break after sitting 45 minutes – 1 hour. To reduce the pain when you sit choose an ergonomic chair. Because this chair can support your spine in its natural position and protect your lumbar if you choose ergonomic office chair that has lumbar support. Additional tips when you sit down are:

  • Do not sit with your legs crossed
  • Both feet flat touch the floor
  • If working with a computer make sure the screen is at eye level
  • Adjust the position of your keyboard and mouse to avoid bending
  • Choosing a chair that has wheels can make you not have to spin

Take A Stand

How to sit with sciatica
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If you can not sit why not try to stand. Spine-health suggests that standing by once working can be beneficial for those of you with sciatica. You can use sit to stand desk as a means to work. The study, published in the Journal of Health and Physical Activity, a study conducted on 74 people measured how many calories were burned while working with computers, watching TV, standing or Running on the treadmill. Here’s what they found:

  • When sitting, study subject burn 80 calories/hour – the same when typing and watching TV
  • When standing, calories burned only slightly more than the sitting position of 88 calories/hour
  • Walking burns 210 calories/hour

Therefore working with a stand can burn a few more calories than sitting. According to Wikipedia working with standing has several benefits.

  • Burning Calories
  • Varicose veins
  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy
  • Mortality

There is research (1) which mentions that there is not enough evidence that standing is better than sitting. Calories burned more than sitting can be replaced with multiple banana chips. So about sit to stand desk still need more research.

If you have any questions to ask or share your experience on sciatica please comment below. Or you can share this with others if it is useful. Thanks

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    I learned a new word, sciatica. I work on the desk from 9-5. After sitting too long, I can feel like my bones are touching the cushion of the chair. That hurts.
    How I fix it? I use a mug instead of water bottles. It will force me to get up from my chair and fill up water in the pantry. It’s better now. Great post. Thanks for that

    Yes, when you sit for many hours, you feel pain in your back and tense in the muscles of the lower back. One of the solution just like you say, you get up after 45-1 hour sit and take a break to feel your empty mug. You can also change your chair to ergonomic chair that can support your spine and has lumbar support. It will reduce your pain. Thanks for the comment

    Sciatica is a very troublesome disease, a very painful one. After an our of being sit, how many minutes do you recommend to be stand up before sitting again? Also, can you recommend any exorcises to relief sciatica pain?

    I recommend you to take a break for about 3-5 minutes just to walk or just do some stretch. Here my previous post about relief sciatica naturally . Thanks for the comment and I hope you can free from sciatica.

    Thanks for the tips, I agree with you. Back pain is so frustrating and painful. Taking care of this will definitely put you in a better mood and offer you a better lifestyle. Thanks again.

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