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How To Prevent Back Pain At Work

Today many people work with computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. People spend a lot of time with their work. They are sitting by operating a laptop, computer or something. Unconsciously this causes pain in our body, especially in the back of the body (back pain), pain in the elbow or joints and eye sore. Habits like this are not good for our bodies because in the long term cause serious illness to our body.

Therefore, while we work still paying attention to our bodies, we have to know the sign of our body. When our body tells something maybe with pain or stiff, so we should take some rest for a while. The health experts recommend that every 45 minutes to 1-hour work by sitting continuously we should at least rest, may be to go to the bathroom or get a drink. This will make your muscles relax after a tense state. So we have to know how to prevent back pain at work.

There are several factors in your workplace that can adversely affect your back.

  • Sitting position

Your sitting position while working is an effect on your body. Poor sitting position can cause your back and buttock to become stiff and painful. Do not cross your legs because this position is difficult to keep your spine straight.

When you sit the main thing is your feet on the floor and support your back.

  • Position of Computer

Position your computer/ screen should be in front of you (at eye level position). The location of the monitor is in a position where the neck and head are in a neutral position. So this makes you comfortable. Monitor distance should be as far as your arm. Monitor position is not too high or low because it will make your head bend.

  • Keyboard position

Put the keyboard position close to you. Give space approximately 4 to 6 inches to place for your wrist rest. Now many people work by using a laptop so that the position of the keyboard and monitor to be inappropriate.

Your head becomes bent and this risks the neck being taut and stiff. You should use a secondary monitor so head and neck in a neutral position.

  • Chair Height

We recommend that you use a chair that can be adjusted easily, you can reduce the risk of lower back pain by adjusting your seat so that the lower back in the correct position. Make sure the height of your chair adjusted with your feet keep touching the floor. So your seat should be adjusted to your position.

Seats should be sufficient width and depth to be comfortable for you to wear. The position of the waist should be supported by your seat because when you sit for a long time without support it can cause the waist to bend

Make sure the material from the chair, you should use a comfortable material to sit for long periods of time. Do not choose a hard one.

Also, chairs that you use should be spinning because it can allow you to take the items around you without causing tension.

  • Avoid Tension While Using The Phone

If your work is related to the use of the phone for a long time, you should change your phone receiver with the headset. Avoid putting the phone between your ears and your shoulders as this can cause stiffness to your shoulders and neck.

In our daily activities some time we lifting something. We try to move an item from another place to another. From this activities sometimes can cause back pain. There are also some tips on lifting things. This is following healthy lifting tips.

  • Plan before lifting something. Where the item will be moved, whether it is necessary with the tool or not, is it too heavy for one person so it needs the help of others.
  • Squat and bend hip and knees. Lift the items slowly until the legs are perfectly straight.
  • Make sure your spine is straight while lifting. Eyes up front. Do not let your body rotate.
  • Hold the item tight to your body, as high as your stomach
  • Place items slowly. Squat with hips and knees. Keep your spine straight.

Okay, that’s all for now. I hope you get something useful after reading this post. Next time I will publish another interesting content. Feel free to ask if you want to know more about this content. Thank you for reading.



    Hi, these are very useful tips on how to prevent back pain at work. Well laid out steps for back lifting here as well. I will try these steps. Thank you.

    Thanks for a good article. This was very useful. I have an ergonomic workplace, but when I am at home, I take my laptop and sit anywhere: on a sofa, bed, at a dining table. I don’t have a proper adjustable chair and a desk. Can you suggest how is best to keep my back safe when using laptop in a hoe environment? Thanks

    Hi Lina
    If you are going to work using a laptop make sure that you do not bend over. Put your laptop screen at eye level. To overcome this you can use the laptop stand. Preferably if you work at home for a long time, more than 1 hour notice your sitting position. Your sitting position should support your spine straight. I hope this helps you. So be safe to work at home.

    Many thanks for the reminders here. I needed a refresher on some of these points. I am some days guilty of not using some of the points above, but, thankfully, I do not have back pain. I have bookmarked and I will make it a habit of following these guidelines.

    Let me add here that I also noticed that taking a break every 30 minutes is comforting both to my back as well as my eyes.

    Thank You Josephine. Hope you find something valuable on my another post. Yes we should take a break I think that is good.

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