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Ergonomic Chair And Back Pain


Ergonomic Chair and Back Pain

Ergonomic chair and back pain. Are these two things related? In my previous post on how to prevent back pain at work says that chair selection is very influential on your spinal health. You should choose a chair that suits your spine needs, it should be able to keep your spine in a natural position and your feet comfortable on the floor or footrest. This chair is called the ergonomic chair.

An ergonomic chair is a chair designed to support the position of your spine remains straight. Seats can be customized with its users. Because everyone has different needs.

Health is a necessity for everyone. Because with healthy we can do all the daily activities well. The habits of people today when working less attention to health problems. They have bad habits at work. Many people sit for long periods of time working with computers or laptops to do their work. This kind of thing can make you have trouble with your spine. If this is done continuously for long periods of time.

This problem is not only experienced by professionals working in the office but also for you gamers who are willing to sit for hours in front of the computer to play games. When playing games you often forget about your posture and your body’s health.

Back pain can be a serious thing if it is not immediately prevented or handled. Back pain can make you unable to move and make you unproductive. This not only makes you lose money but can cost a lot for the healing process.

Therefore you have to change bad habits while working. The habit of sitting for long periods of time to do the task. You should rest after you work or sit for 45-60 minutes. Take time to rest for a few minutes to just do stretching or taking a drink and go to the bath room.

You should also replace your chair with an ergonomic chair to support your posture. With this chair, you can solve your problems with back pain and make you more productive. This chair can support your body activities so that in addition to working you also still pay attention to the health of your spine.

There are several things to consider in choosing an ergonomic chair

Ergonomic Chair and Back Pain
  • Adjustable seats. Instead of choosing an ergonomic chair, choose a chair that can be adjusted in terms of both altitude and depth. This is to suit your needs. According to spine health, the height corresponding to health is 19-21 inches from the floor. For a depth that corresponds to health is 17-20 inches wide. Your feet should be comfortable on the floor or footrest. The position of your knee is 90 degrees.
  • Support Spine. I recommend that the chair you choose can support your spine (upper or middle). In your daily activities can sit for long periods of time, so a chair that can support the position of the spine is a very important thing.
  • Lumbar Support. Since you will be sitting for a long time, it’s best to have your chair with lumbar support. So it can keep your spine from bending or changing its natural position. Because if this happens it can cause pain and stiffness in your spine.
  • Arms Rest. Arms rest should be fulfilled to your needs. To support your shoulders and your hands more comfortable when working for a long time.
  • Material. Make sure your chair is made of materials that have good quality. Because you incur additional costs to buy this chair. I recommend this chair can make you sit comfortably within a certain period. So choose the material that suits you.
  • Head Rest. It would be better if the seat you choose has a head rest that fits with your body.
  • Check The Details. Make sure every seat detail that can support all your activities every day. Such a wheelchair should be able to move easily and freely. Choosing materials that are easier to clean and breathable. I also recommend that your chair base has 5 spokes.

Ergonomic Chair And Back Pain

A proper ergonomic chair can reduce your risk of back pain. Some features of this chair can make you healthier in doing your activity either when you work or when you play the game. Make sure you choose the right chair and fit your budget. Begin to be healthier in your daily life and it is great to be healthy. You can be more productive and live your day better without any pain in your back.

If you feel this article useful please share with your family or friends. You can also comment here or tell about your experience using an ergonomic chair. Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for the next updates.

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    Wow, it is very interesting, how to remove the back pain, the management of back pain, release the back pain and relax by ergonomic chair, the most beneficial are the office workers,
    keep going well article

    Thanks, Isam. Nice, you find something useful on my site. Come back some other time for more updates

    You are absolutely right that an ergonomic chair makes all the difference. I was sitting in an old office chair for a really long time at my current job and then our office switched them out for new ones. What a difference. Within a week of sitting in a proper chair my back started to feel so much better. Previously I had always been shifting around or trying to find a new position to get comfortable, but it was impossible!

    I’d highly recommend anyone who is having back pain at the office look into a chair as you recommend.

    Yes, you are right Craig. We just simply use this try to get our pain reliever. With this, we will be healthier, more productive and no more pain during the day. Thanks for stopping by.

    Back pain and bad posture is something that is the number one problem for many that sit for long hours in poor supported chairs. The ergonomic chair looks like it could be the answer every one with this problem needs. looks like this is going to be a great comfort to a lot of back pain sufferers.

    Yes, this could be the answer for your back pain. Change our habit, change our chair and we can get free from back pain. Thanks Andrew

    Excellent Review. I had spinal fusion surgery and I do sit a lot sometimes I do get stiff. I think your review of this chair will complement me well the details and examples you give leads toward possibly making a purchase

    Nice that you find something valuable here. Make sure to take a break if you sit after a long period. Try to change your chair with something that comforts your back. Thanks Maurice

    Great Read!
    Proper alignment and posture is so critical to our health, and sadly a lot of people can’t realize that. It has a direct effect on our fitness health, resulting in pain, range of motion, and muscular imbalances. What are your thoughts on Yoga? and do you think people should be doing corrective posture alignments, along with this chair?

    I think Yoga is great ways to relieve pain. Do it regularly and you’ll get the benefit. This chair will help you support your spine. This seat will make your spine in its natural position than the traditional seat. Because people tend to sit in a long time when doing their activities. This will make you reduce pain while working many hours. Also, try to take a short break after 45-60 minute sit. Thanks for stopping by Tyler.

    I suffer greatly from back pain and am glad I came across your article, was able to learn a lot and am going to incorporate this next time I sit in a chair. Thanks for sharing.

    Glad you find something useful. Come back again some other times. Thanks for comment

    After all these years of back pain
    After all these years of losing time at work

    Your post explains to me what was right in front of my face!

    I am immediately going to check in to getting a decent chair for my home office

    Yes you should change your traditional chair with ergonomic chair. Please come back again for some updates. Thanks

    With all the sitting I’m currently doing, I need one these chairs to ease my back pain. Not only back pain but also buttocks. Now all I need to do is follow the tip here on how to choose a chair. We often look at the style, color, softness, and price of the chair without considering the ergonomics.

    Yes, we must pay attention on the ergonomics. Because this chair will keep you relieve your pain and run your activities without any pain. Thanks for comment.

    hi great stuff on here, i suffer now and again from sciatica. And when it comes i cant even stand up straight, its so hard to explain to people why i get it some weeks and and nothing for months later, i was determined that there must be something out there that can help. funny enough i had a stretching dvd one i had bought of ebay many years before when i was learning mauy thai. anyway i thought just maybe it would work. And it did i continues to use it everyday for about a week and it got rid of that terrible awful pain. now i know it aint going to work for every one but it did me. so glad for this site.
    cheers david

    Glad to hear your story David. Nice that you now free from your pain. Thanks

    Hi Henry,

    Great post. I was sitting in a chair at work for the last 6 months and I hated it. Could not get comfortable. My back started aching and it was not a great experience.

    2 weeks ago we had a lady come in from our Occ Health and Safety section and she took one look at my chair and threw it out and replaced it with an ergonomic chair that is just amazing! She told me where my eyes should be on the computer and where my feet etc should be. I love it now and feel so much better. Thanks foe reinforcing my experience,


    Glad now you have an ergonomic chair Kevin. You have a great place to work. It is a great way to relieve your back pain. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Great post,

    I spend a large amount of time in the office and its beginning to cause issues with my back. After a long day at the office I struggle to sleep as lower back pain us giving me grief.

    I have long been lobbying our directors to provide better chairs, however my health Is more important that money so may just suck it up and pay for a proper ergonomic chair myself!

    Yes you right, health is the most important things. If we maintain our health we can be more productive. Sorry to hear about your situation in the office. BUt I think the right choice. Thanks for stopping by Steve

    Great 👍 one – I’m a software professional where my job is all about sitting at a same place for a long time and recent days I was catching up back pains on my upper spine. Thanks for the details provided as it shows the right position to sit for a long time post and the right chair to be chosen. By this way I’m definitely gonna benefit on my Health and probably thinking my back pain will reduce in the coming days. Thanks for helping, Cheers.

    Glad you find something valuable on my post. Come back again later for some updates. Thanks for comment Manasir

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