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Can Shoes Cause Back Pain

Can Shoes Cause Back Pain
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Can shoes cause back pain? Questions like these often come to mind. What if the cause of back pain is the shoes we wear every day? Shoes initially have a function to protect the wearer’s feet in performing their daily activities. Shoes are also used for convenience for its users. Of the two functions above mentioned that the shoe aims to protect and make comfortable users (1).

Maybe at first shoes made simple and from cheap materials. But I will not discuss the beginning of the shoe form was first made because it will be too long. In the present shoe began to experience a change in the main function, from the beginning to protect and make the user comfortable into a fashion.

Nowadays shoes are growing rapidly and become a big industry. Shoes change in terms of function, design, and cost of manufacture. Many shoes are made to the exclusion of the main purpose above for the sake of fashion and prestige. People see this being the main thing in wearing shoes.

Can Shoes Cause Back Pain?

Like the title above whether shoes can cause back pain for the user? What kind of shoes cause back pain? You must already know about high heel shoes. This shoe has long existed, according to Wikipedia, people have been wearing high heel since the 16th century even not only women who wear these shoes but men also wear them.

At this time high heel is used by women, there are many things that become the reason for a woman using it that surely this adds to their confidence. But behind this, all high heel can harm the user. So why high heel can harm users? Wearing high heel can cause tension in your leg muscles, and wearing these shoes can not support your natural posture so it can make you pain on the lower back. You will also feel tired and stressed by wearing high heel shoes.

Why High Heel Cause Back Pain


Can Shoes Cause Back Pain
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Your spine curve has a disk base between vertebrae that is used as a shock absorber to protect the spine from stress. When you use high heels there will be pressure on your forefoot or toes, this causes you to adjust your body to stay balanced. To adjust this the lower part of your body is leaning forward and your upper body should be leaning backward. In the long term, this can cause stress and tension in your body. This condition can cause back pain, muscle spasm, and tense hamstring muscles.

Anatomical Changes

Based on research published by the National Library of Medicine National Institute Of Health, wearing high heels every day for a long time, and even years can cause Anatomical changes in your body and body imbalance. High-heeled shoes in adolescents can lead to the development of postural abnormalities, including prominence in frontal posture, lumbar hyperplankosis, pelvic anteversion, and valgus of the knee.

If Become Worst

Foraminal Stenosis

According to Spine-health Foraminal Stenosis is the narrowing of the cervical disc space caused by the uncinate process in the spinal canal. The majority of symptoms with cervical spinal stenosis are usually caused by one nerve root on one side.


The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in our body. The nerve starts from the buttock to the foot. When this nerve is depressed it will cause pain in this part. The pain felt in this section is called Sciatica.

If Still Have To Wear High Heel

Can Shoes Cause Back Pain
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If you are required to wear high heel following advice from spine health institute:

  • Avoid wearing high heels for long periods of time
  • Stretch leg before and after wearing high heel
  • Try and use your limit just 2 inches
  • Buy shoes in the afternoons when the feet are at its largest
  • Do not select the pointed front
  • Buy a leather sole so it is not slippery
  • Buy more varied shoes for your everyday wear


So can shoes cause back pain? The answer is yes. You should be wise in choosing shoes. Be sure to choose shoes that make your body healthy and not make you add to the cost of your health care. If you can avoid high heel usage in a long time and for your routine activities, it is better.

If you have any other tips or suggestions you are welcome to comment. If you feel this article is valuable please share it with others.

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    I just sent this article over to my wife because she loves to wear heels and always complains about her back hurting. This is exactly what I’ve been telling her but I don’t think she believes me, perhaps she’ll believe someone with some authority in the space! Thanks for writing this up, great article!

    Glad can help you to convince your wife. Thanks for the comment. come back later for an update

    This is something new to me like buying the shoe in the afternoon when the feet is the largest. The way we walk and sit also contribute to the back pain.

    Yes, you right the way we sit and walk contribute to our health. You can read my other post about sitting tips. thanks for comments

    I have had to rethink my shoe selection because of back pain. I have actually fell and broke my ankle in a pair of heels as well. Great post. I really appreciate the tips on what to do when you actually do wear high heels. Thanks for the information!

    The heel can be interesting to wear but remember the effect for our health. Wear wisely if you have to use it. Thanks for comment

    My wife says you’re a genius!!!
    She has suffered with back pain for a while now but never thought that it could be down to wearing heels. She says she is now ditching her high heels and opting for a flat sho to see if that helps.
    Great article!! Thanks for stopping my wife moaning about her back 😂

    Yes, heels can cause back pain. glad that you can convince your wife. Hope she can relief from back pain.

    Really glad you have done this ! been telling the wife for ages her shoes are not helping her back. Hopefully now she’s read this she will listen ?
    Thanks again Paul

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