What’s The Cause Of Back Pain

Nowadays back pain is a common thing. According to experts, it can happen to people of all ages, especially at age 35 to 55 years both men and women. Even in America, acute low back pain is the No. 5 cause most people go to doctors as well as cause 40% not going to work. Additionally, it is the single leading cause of disability worldwide (Source:

Back pain is pain or stiffness that occurs along the spine, from the base of the neck to the tail bone, located in the neck, upper back, or lower back or can not stand without pain.

This pain comes from muscles, nerves, bones, joints, or other spinal structures that can cause back pain. Back pain can be acute, where the pain can appear quickly but it will decrease after a few days or weeks or it may get worse where the pain lasts for weeks or months or even years.

The Back Pain Causes

What’s the cause of back pain? Usually, the main thing that causes back pain is tension in the muscle, tension in the ligament and muscle spasms. The main cause of the problem there are many factors as mentioned below:

  • Lifting stuff that is too heavy
  • Improperly lifting stuff
  • Overweight
  • Rarely exercise

Actually, many factors that cause back pain problem. Based on the structural problem can also impact back pain like?

  • Arthritis – Arthritis is an inflammation of one or more joints, followed by pain, bulging, stiffness, and limited mobility (source Arthritis sufferers often have problems with joints in the hip, lower back, knees, and hands.
  • Osteoporosis – the current condition of decreased bone density. This condition makes bones become porous and susceptible to cracking.
  • Scoliosis – the condition of the spinal curvature to the side is abnormal. Patients are more at risk of back pain

Below are the other back pain causes:

  • Cancer in the spine – there is a tumor in the spine that can suppress the nerves causing back pain.
  • Sleep disorder – people with sleep disorder are more susceptible to encounter back pain than those who do not.
  • Bad mattress – bad mattress can be at greater risk of suffering from back pain. This is because the mattress can not support certain parts of the body and keep the spine straight.

Factor of daily activity that can cause back pain

  • Standing too long
  • Neck strained as when operating a computer or driving too long
  • Lifting things up
  • Bring something
  • Bending too long

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    Back pains are a total PITA, no doubt. I know the feeling of what seems like your breath taken out of you, so it’s vital to know why it happens.

    You did a great job by listing the most important factors. But there’s one thing – lifting can actually strengthen your back. Weight lifting that is. Although injuries do occur, so what are your thoughts then?

    I agree with you but we must be careful lifting something. Don’t improper lifting something that may injury you back. Next I will post about how to lifting properly. Thank you Simon.. I hope you enjoy read my post

    Hello, and thanks for sharing, there are so many reasons for back pain, and you gave a goo detailed description of what is the root cause of back pain. I remember in my case many years ago I suffered back pain because of lifting the wrong way. Your informative and I am sure that your readers will love what your post is all about.

    Nice that you love my post… always happy when someone read my post..

    Just how common is back pain? Other than myself, I know of a huge amount of people who either had or have back pain. My dad always had back pain. For me it’s not bad and I am thankful for that. There are so many different causes of back pain and ways to treat it. I’m losing weight to take the stress off my back and that helps. I bike ride and go to the gym regularly.

    Yes your right Rob. There are so many different causes for back pain and also ways to relieve it. Doing exercise regulary is a great way to stay health and relieve back pain. Even after the pain is gone we should continue exercise regularly so the pain wo’nt come again. Thanks for sharing your experience Rob.


    Great information on back pain.

    Back pain is certainly one of the most common causes of sick days when it comes to missing time off work.

    It is important to look after our backs and also keep as active as I can. As a back pain sufferer I always find it difficult to stay focused and am in pain when I am not moving.


    Yes, back pain is a common thing today. Do exercise regularly and try not to sit in a long period of time. Try to take a break regularly. Most back pain is cause by poor posture. Thanks for the comment

    Hey Simon,
    I’ve learned that most of my back pain is due to poor posture. We are constantly looking down on our phones and desktops, sitting for long periods, rounding our shoulders. We eventually hold these unnatural postures, which puts stress on different parts of our body, and reduces support on others.

    A couple of ways to fix this is to be aware of your posture and correct it(if needed) and stretch. I went through years of sports and working out without doing this, now I am paying for it.

    Just some tips. Thanks for this info.

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