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Best Treatment Lower Back Pain – How To Treat It At Home

Best Treatment Lower Back Pain

Lower back is an important part of the human body. In this section consists of complex bone structure, joints, muscles nerves and ligaments that all work together to provide support, strength, and flexibility. But in this section also susceptible to injury and pain. Causes of lower back pain may vary and for the treatment methods also vary.

You should know the cause of lower back pain so it can find the best treatment of lower back pain. So finding the cause of lower back pain is very important in order to address it appropriately.

Best Treatment At Home

Stay Active

When you suffer from lower back pain you should stay active and on the move. It can make you better. Because the lower back pain is usually associated with the spine, and the spine should be the largest part of your body. Your body is required to move, so staying active and doing your daily routine can ease your lower back. You can walk, exercise, work in the office and do other activities. But keep in mind not too over.


Exercise can heal lower back pain. By doing the right exercise can make you free from lower back pain. You can exercise to strengthen your lower back support muscles. BACK PAIN RELIEF 4 LIFE is designed to cure lower back pain. In this program, you are given a way to heal the pain that you suffer naturally. BACK PAIN RELIEF 4 LIFE solution for your lower back problem.

Ergonomic Environment

When you work with a day sitting this can increase the risk of lower back pain. When sitting too long can cause pain in your lower back, stiffen the shoulders and restrict the flow of blood circulation in the body. Of course, this can be bad for health. Preferably you need to choose an ergonomic chair that has a feature to protect your spine and other additional features. Make sure you move periodically after 45 minutes to 1-hour sit. Do stretching or just walking to reduce the risk of lower back pain. Use your smartphone as a reminder or alarm to perform this activity on a regular basis.

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Your Posture

In doing daily activities should pay attention to your posture. When sitting, lifting things, or pushing things. Poor posture can increase the risk of lower back pain. Do not slouch when you sit, because with slouch will increase the load on the lower back.

Your Shoes

Replace your shoes with a better one. What is meant here are high heel shoes. Why high heel can cause lower back pain. For more read this. Replace your shoes with a flat or less than 1 inch. By replacing healthier shoes can reduce the risk of developing lower back pain

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Stop Your Unhealthy Habit

Stopping bad habits that are not healthy for our body can make you free from back pain. Bad habits here like drinking alcohol and smoking, should be reduced and it would be better if you can quit this habit. Smoking can cause degenerative lumbar spine and too much alcohol consumption can cause osteoporosis. You should do a healthy lifestyle.

Use Ice and Heat

Which one is better. It is very difficult to find the best between ice and heat to ease lower back pain. You can find the best for you. Use it interchangeably so you can find what is convenient for you. Make sure that your skin is protected before using ice or heat.

Use Over the Counter pain

Using over the counter pain can relieve pain due to lower back pain. Always follow the rules of this drug and should not exceed the recommended dosage. You should also check with your doctor or pharmacist regarding the interactions of these drugs with other medications you are taking. Consult with your doctor which drug is suitable for you because of the many types of this drug.


Being overweight can trigger lower back pain. The spine is support for the body, if the body is overweight then the bone will bear the overload. This causes you suffer lower back pain. Do a healthy diet as well as regular exercise to keep your weight remain ideal (height vs weight).


Your mattress can cause lower back pain. Signs of the mattress that causes lower back pain are when you wake up, your body feels pain or stiff. These symptoms are usually temporary and when you do stretching or doing your daily activities these symptoms will be reduced or even gone. The second condition of your mattress that causes lower back is not sleeping soundly and toss and turn try to get sleep. A bad mattress can cause lower back pain because this mattress does not support the natural position of your spine. Use a mattress that can support the position of your spine. Find what suits your needs. When you buy a mattress, you should try it first and return if not suitable.

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Sleeping Position

A comfortable sleeping position is important for your spine. There are various sleeping positions that can be adjusted to your comfort. Find a sleeping position that suits you and can relieve pain in your lower back. Use extra pillows to adjust your sleeping position.

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Best Treatment Lower Back Pain

The best treatment of lower back pain may differ from one person to another. This depends on the underlying cause of lower back pain. Make sure your life is healthy and always exercise regularly in order to avoid the lower back pain.

Please share your experience how to relieve lower back pain or you can ask anything about this topic just fill the comment section below. Thanks


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