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General Overview

There are advantages of using sit and stand desk (1). One of the Best Sit and Stand Desk is Autonomous Standing Desk. Working with sit to stand desk can make it healthier (2). From the above statement, when you work all day by sitting in front of a computer or laptop, this can harm your health. Too much sitting can cause the blood flow is not smooth, the muscles become tense and the spine becomes ache.

Therefore, for workers who sit too long is recommended to take a break with standing or walking to just take water or to the bathroom. This is done so that you do not experience pain in your body, especially the spine. Work now requires you to be more productive and to be productive you must be healthy both physically and mentally. The autonomous smart desk can provide this because the desk is designed for those of you who want to work healthier and more productive.

Product Specification

Best Sit and Stand Desk

The Autonomous Standing Desk has two options: home edition and business edition. For a $ 299 home edition with a single motor and for that business edition for $ 399 with two motors. For surface material, here is also a wide selection of surface material

  • Wood -Black
  • Wood – White
  • Walnut added extra $ 50
  • Light Oak added extra $ 50
  • Bamboo added extra $ 50

SmartDesk also has some surface design and size that you can customize to your needs. There are 53 “x 30” sizes and 70 “x 30” sizes. The desk is very important for you who work or play games. The desk is needed to put your work equipment, such as laptop or PC, additional monitor and keyboard and mouse. Of course, it requires a solid desk and can accommodate all this. By applying ergonomic principles if you use a laptop to work it should have an additional monitor as well as an ergonomic keyboard and mouse for a healthier principle of work.

The Health Threat Of Sitting

According to the Washington Post sitting too long can cause problems for your health such as damage organ (heart disease, over productive pancreas), muscle degeneration, leg disorder, and back pain. Even the risk of death also increased to 61% in people who watched TV more than 7 hours a day rather than watching for 1 hour a day.

From the above problems mentioned that sitting too long can increase the risk of death. For those of us who work and spend a lot of time sitting down, it is not a good news. This is certainly dangerous for those who experience the condition as above. Experts, therefore, suggest alternate between standing and sitting. Not only standing but also moving. Because this can make you healthier and burn more calories than you sit.

Best Sit And Stand Desk – Autonomous SmartDesk

Sit and Stand DeskAutonomous SmartDesk is a sit to stand desk that has affordable prices but is not inferior to sit to stand high-end desk. For the price of $ 299, this desk offers excellent features. Autonomous can also ship to 50 countries (postage depend on area). So this desk can make your work more productive and healthy. You can choose the size that suits your needs. Lots of room for your monitor and gadget, for the business edition, can lift 300 pounds.

This smart desk can also be the adjustable height that allows you to switch easily from a sitting position to a stand or vice versa. This desk also features a smart keypad, with a single tap, the smart desk will move to a sitting position or stand in accordance with your wishes. With SmartDesk, you will be more alert and efficient. You will be healthier in the day you work in the office or playing games.


  • 30 days Free Trial (Full Refund for the US only).
  • Affordable price – $ 299 for Home edition and $ 399 for business edition.
  • Quiet and fast motor, you can program 4 best height positions for your best standing and sitting position
  • 5 years warranty for Business Edition
  • Low consumption energy


  • Could use longer power cable
  • Could use some sort of cable management system
  • Low quality electronic from TiMotion (China)

Final Verdict

Autonomous Standing Desk is designed for convenience in order to improve your productivity. With a sturdy design and easily tailored to your needs make this desk can be a consideration if you want to buy sit to stand desk. With Autonomous SmartDesk you can work healthier and more productive.

Do you use sit-to-stand desks at your home or office? What has your experience been using sit-to-stand desks? Tell me about it in the comments below. 

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    That is awesome! I normally sufer from back pain so I think this will really help me! thank you so much for the information 😀

    Glad you find something valuable here. With this desk, you can adjust whether you want to sit or stand. This desk will be a great addition for your office. Thank for comment Javiera.

    Wow, what a great desk! I’ve been running into back pain lately because I’ve been sitting for long hours at my computer every single day working on powerpoint presentations and such. I really need a way to take breaks from sitting while I can still be productive, and honestly, stacking my monitor and keyboard up on old phonebooks or reams of printer paper is such a darn hassle. This looks like the perfect solution!

    When you sit too long don’t forget to stand and move. This desk design for that purpose and I think you need it. You need other solution, not just put your monitor on phonebook or printer paper. Thank for comment Craig.

    I’ve been sitting for long hours everyday and I’ve experienced back pain. This is the perfect solution for us working at home to minimize our health risks. I could sure use one now 🙂

    Nice that you find this important for your health. Sitting for a long time will be bad for your health. This desk is one of the solutions to prevent back pain. Thank Joseph for the comment

    Such a great idea! The option to stand or sit, or both throughout the work day. Thanks so much for your helpful review.

    Glad you like my post. With this sit to stand desk, you can do your work with less pain in your back. Thanks for the comment.

    As someone who spends about 90% of my work week either in front of a computer or sitting down at a desk, I am glad I came across this article! I’ve always looked for a way to give myself some extra time to stretch or get the blood flowing. I’ll definitely look further into this standing desk.

    Yes, you need this desk to do your work. This sit to stand desk will make you healthier. Also, don’t forget use ergonomic chair. You will make an ergonomic workplace. The most important thing is you should take a regular break after 1-hour sit. You may feel less tense in your muscle and back.Visit this site regularly for an update. Thank

    This would be nice for my wife at her job. She complains that sitting all day bothers her and has been to the doctor for it. I mentioned to her she should talk to them about investing in a few of these for the employees. I think it is a great product you presented here.

    Glad that find something interesting on this desk. Sit to stand desk will help your wife reduce her pain. Ergonomics environment is very important for our health. Thanks for the comment.

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