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Best Ergonomic Chair For Lower Back Pain

Best Ergonomic Chair For Lower Back PainEvery year the costs incurred for health are increasing. This is certainly something we need to pay attention to. From the American-Spinal mentions that patients who suffer from back pain spend $ 90 billion on health costs, where $ 26 billion is used directly to treat back pain. Sedentary habits become bad for your health. Many health problems will arise due to this habit (1). As well as lower back pain one of which can be triggered from the habit of sitting long or a bad sitting position.

Therefore it takes something that can reduce the injury or pain experienced by the workers. Reducing injury will certainly be good for a business because workers can be more productive and of course claim the cost of treatment will be reduced. Based on the research the average American person sits for 13 hours a day and of course this sitting activity mostly while working (2).

Sedentary behavior causes a person to experience health problems, this is because the seat used can not meet the needs of the user. As mentioned above that the importance of ergonomics can lower the level of injury and increase productivity. Ergonomic chairs become very important for health needs and can support daily activities in running the job.

According to research published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), there are several requirements for the ergonomic chair can be said to be good.

  • Safety: the chair should not be the source or cause of accidents.
  • Adaptability: the chair’s dimensions and control features should be such that they meet the anthropometric characteristics of at least 90% of the potential users.
  • Comfort: the chair should be physiologically comfortable for the user. To this end, the following are all-important features: seat-plane and backrest contours, backrest height and inclination adjustability, padding and covering materials that allow the body to breathe.
  • Practicality: the chair, and in particular the control features, should be practical and easy to control use.
  • Durability: the chair should offer good wear and durability of its components and controls.
  • Suitability for the job: the chair should be appropriately designed for the intended type of job and working environment.

Research shows injuries are down when employers encourage stretch breaks and stress the importance of ergonomics. – S. Iserphagen.

A good ergonomic chair can be a solution to the problem of injury caused by sitting for a long time. Using an ergonomic chair can reduce the risk of injury or back pain suffered by workers. Surely this is not the only factor that can reduce back pain. Long sitting habits should be reduced to prevent other health problems.

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Best Ergonomic Chair For Lower Back Pain

Many ergonomic chairs are available in the market, therefore you should choose what suits your needs. Each human body is unique therefore has different needs from one another. To choose a good ergonomic chair there are some things you should consider.

  • Adjustable seats. Instead of selecting an ergonomic chair, select a chair that can be adjusted in phrases of each altitude and depth. That is to fit your needs. In step with backbone health, the height match to health is 19-21 inches from the floor. For a depth that corresponds to health is 17-20 inches wide. Your feet need to be comfortable on the floor or footrest. The location of your knee is ninety degrees.
  • Support backbone. I suggest that the chair you select can assist your spine (upper or center). On your everyday activities can sit for long durations of time, so a chair which can assist the position of the backbone is a completely crucial aspect.
  • Lumbar assists. Considering you may be sitting for a long term, it’s great to have your chair with lumbar aid. So it may maintain your backbone from bending or converting its natural role. Due to the fact if it happens it may reason ache and stiffness on your backbone.
  • Arms rest. Arms rest must be fulfilled on your needs. To aid your shoulders and your arms at ease when working for a long time.
  • Material. Make sure your chair is manufactured from materials which have true high-quality. Due to the fact, you incur additional charges to shop for this chair. I propose this chair can make you take a seat easily within a sure length. So pick the stuff that fits you.
  • Head rest. It would be better if the seat you pick has a head rest that fits along with your frame.
  • Check The Details. make sure each seat detail that may aid all of your activities each day. The sort of wheelchair ought to be capable of flow without difficulty and freely. Deciding on materials which can be less complicated to smooth and breathable. I also advise that your chair base has 5 spokes.

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    I’ve been looking for a new office chair because mine simply isn’t cutting it. good to know more about the specs that go into an ergonomic chair. Wouldn’t it be nice if employers just provided these on the understanding that they’d save $ in healthcare costs down the road? Hmmm…

    Yes, an ergonomic chair is good for the health of your back. Rather we have to spend it for healthcare cost, it will be very expensive. If your work makes you sit for a long time, I think this is a great choice for you and your back. You also must take a short break regularly so your body can rest for a while and smooth the flow of blood. It also prevents your back from pain. Thanks for the comment

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