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Back Braces And Lower Back Pain – Can It Heal Lower Back Pain

Back Braces And Lower Back Pain - Can It Heal Lower Back PainBack braces and lower back pain are related. Back brace is believed can heal low back pain. Is true? and what is back brace. Back brace is a tool used in the waist to protect and limit your spine lumbar movement. Using back brace is an alternative treatment that can be done at home. Of course, the use of this back brace depends on the level of severity of lower back pain. If you only feel a mild pain, the back brace can be used to reduce this.

At the time of recovery after surgery, the patient is recommended not to move, The use of back brace can limit the movement of the lumbar spine and speed up the recovery process. it also can reduce discomfort and low back pain suffered by the patient.

There are 2 kinds of back brace commonly used

Rigid Braces

Rigid braces limit up to 50% spinal motion, a rigid brace is very fitting to use. Brace is usually used for fractures and is also commonly used after surgery. Rigid braces are heavy and hot and tend to be uncomfortable when used by patients. This brace should be used when the patient is awake and removed when going to lie down.

Soft Braces

This brace is usually used to restrict movement and as a reminder that it should use appropriate posture when lifting something. This brace can be used for people whose job is related to lifting heavy items.

There are several things to pay attention before using a back brace

  • Use of back brace should be under the supervision of your doctor. Consultation before wearing back brace.
  • Back brace should be used only on moderate to mild low back pain, but if you have severe pain that makes you unable to move you should see a doctor. Also, make sure to consult your doctor about the use of back brace
  • If you decide to use a back brace, you should find the right fit for you. Just like a glove, because the function of the back brace supports the spine and fits with the natural shape of your spine. Before you buy you can try it first and if you buy through online should return when not fit.
  • Back brace should not be too long to wear. Because this will make your muscles begin to adjust and get used to the brace, which means the muscle will lose its power and can cause injury. If you use it for a long time it will cause dependency on the brace. A Brace can be useful in short-term use, but strengthening core muscles that support your spine is important for the long term.

Can Back Brace Heal Low Back Pain

Back Braces And Lower Back Pain
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Based on research published by Cochrane Library, there are several studies found that back brace can reduce chronic low back pain in the short term. This study also mentioned that back brace can not be used to prevent low back pain.

Back brace is one way of treatment to relieve pain caused by low back pain, but can not cure the source of low back pain. So it would be better if you exercise, correct your posture or by avoiding activities that can make your spine bend.


Low back pain can not be cured with a back brace, but back brace can reduce pain due to low back pain. Back brace can also be used for certain conditions such as postoperative healing. Make sure that when you use the back brace just as a tool to treat your back pain.

Consultation with the doctor should be done to cure low back pain. Remedy with drugs or by exercising and strengthening your core muscles, can cure low back pain and make the healthy spine. So make sure when you wear the brace note the things mentioned above.

If you have experience and questions about back brace can fill the comment section below.

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    Hi! I am a college tennis player and I have been suffering from lower back pain my entire tennis career. I never used a back brace before tho. Can I use it when doing sports? I think it can be really helpful for me! thank you so much for the information! 😀

    Back brace can be used when you doing sport. But I’m not really sure about using it while playing tennis. Tennis requires a sudden move and the purpose of back brace is to limit your movement and remind that you have an injury. I suggest you consult with the doctor before doing this, make sure that this is safe for you. Thanks for the comment.

    Interesting post, my mum suffers from chronic back pain especially within the lower back so I am definately going to mention this to her, anything to stop her suffering! I have only tried a posture corrector brace as I started getting back pain by sitting at a computer too much and that seemed to work.

    This brace can help you temporarily. Make sure you do some exercise that suits you. If you tend to sit a long time when work tries to periodically stand and move to reduce your pain or muscle strain. Thanks for sharing your experience, Kourtney.

    A few years back I started with lower back pain it was very uncomfortable , I did research a back brace but as it says in your article it only helps with the pain in the short term. For the long term I want went for more exercise, running in fact this made my posture better and I now no long have the lower back pain.

    Yes, this tool only for short term help. You did the right choice for doing some exercise. It will strengthen your core muscles. Thanks for sharing your experience, James.

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